Thursday, April 29, 2021

Kelly~Anne, My Sister And Best Friend❤

Kelly is a beautiful person~ Inside and out!
She is kind, sympathetic and understanding.
Her name in Gaelic means 'warrior,' and she is; a warrior for the Lord, fighting the good fight and showing the love of Christ through her simple and caring ways❤
She is beautiful and she is brave!

Kelly has always been my 'buddy'~ 
Since we were little, we have always been good friends...

Kelly and I when I was born in 2007...^

In our games, instead of using a doll, I was her baby!

She used to carry me about and dress me, enjoying having a real 'doll' to play with!

Then, as we grew older, we began doing other things together, like snuggling up on a cold wintery evening to watch a travel vlog.

Or folding laundry while listening to music❤

Kelly and I on my 13th birthday...^

She is a wonderful big sister, and whenever I need to talk, she is always there for me!

And then, Kelly met a wonderful man and before I knew it my lovely sister was engaged!
It was so sweet to watch their beautiful love story unfold, and to see how the Lord guided the two of them to the altar❤

Kelly and I on her wedding day...^

I was one my sister's flower girls on her wedding day and it was so special to see my beloved sister walk down the aisle and say I do to the man of her dreams, the one she had patiently been waiting for~ Her Prince Charming❤

Kelly, you are  my best friend, my buddy!
I pray that your life may be filled with happiness, you deserve it❤
I love you dearly,
Your Gaby❤

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  1. Lovely post and photos, Gabrielle! Thank you for sharing them with all of us.